Project Experience


From preliminary design to site integration, we have the knowledge and experience to inspire confidence from our clients to complete the project on time and on budget

Corsair Design Measurment Packages :

Packaged Truck/Train Offloading/Loading Systems

  • Monitor oilfield battery production
  • Monitor trucker loads for quality control
  • Produced water/oil fluid diversion for increased battery separation efficiency
  • Accurate accounting of received fluids
  • Facility fluid balancing
  • Full integration of metered data to any production accounting system

Pipeline Injection Skids

  • Flow rates from 5m3/hr to 300 m3/hr (2″ – 16″ sizing)
  • Injection pump and VFD integrated packages
  • 2,500HP (Injection Pressure as high as 2,000 PSI)
  • Standalone MCC packages if required

Sulphur Analyzer Skids (LSC/HSC)

  • Ametek / Rigaku Sulphur Analyzers
  • Outdoor class 1 zone 1 rated skids
  • High pressure circulation systems (600 ANSI)

Gas Analyzer Buildings

  • Quality Control Skids (class 1, zone 1 or zone 2)
  • Integration of:
  • Gas chromatographs
    • H2S / Sulphur analyzers
    • Dewpoint Analyzers (Hydrocarbon & Water)

LACT Measurement Systems

  • Flow rates from 5m3/hr to 300 m3/hr (2″ – 16″ sizing)
  • Booster pump and VFD integrated packages
  • Custom Directive 17 compliant measurement panels
  • Integration of any client preferred Coriolis meters and Water Cut devices

Custom Proportional Skids

  • Outdoor class 1 zone 1 rated custom panels
  • Multiple product stream handling capabilities
  • Redundant sampling vessel’s
  • Custom sampler container circulation pump systems

3-Phase Measurement Separation Systems

  • Customized separation vessels
  • Integration of remote scada systems
  • Indoor/outdoor systems
  • Monitor single well battery production
  • Wellhead or test satellite based systems