Our Solutions


Corsair Design has the industry experience and a history of client satisfaction in our various custody transfer systems

To learn more about these packages or to request a quote for a truck offloading/loading system, contact Mike Woychyshyn at mwoychyshyn@corsairdesign.com or (403)-259-9399

Corsair Design Measurement packages Includes:

Packaged truck offloading systems

Corsair Design can fabricate complete packaged truck offloading/loading systems  (including LPG and Bitumen)

Custody Transfer rated metering arrangements

Corsair Design has the insight into how to implement custody transfer rated metering arrangements and control systems for gas/liquids applications

Other Custody Tranfer Solutions

3 Phase Measurement Systems
LACT Measurement Skids
Pipeline Injection Skids
Customized Proportional Samplers
Sulphur Analyzer Skids
Customized Gas Measurement
Quality Control Buildings (Gas Chromatographs, H2S/Sulphur Analysis, Dewpoint Analysis (Water and Hydrocarbon))

Packaged train loading systems

Corsair Design has the know-how to design and fabricate fully packaged train loading systems

Integration of AER, OGC and Measurement Canada compliant systems

Corsair Design has the experience and knowledge base for the integration of AER, OGC and measurement Canada compliant systems