Company Projects

Corsair Design has provided full service EPCM services across a variety of projects, including :

Specialized Measurement Packages

  • Packaged Truck/Train Offloading/Loading Systems
  • LACT Measurement Systems
  • Pipeline Injection Skids
  • Custom Proportional Skids
  • Sulphur Analyzer Skids (LSC/HSC)
  • 3-Phase Measurement Separation Systems
  • Gas Analyzer Buildings
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Treatment, Recovery, Disposal (TRD)

Waste Management Facilities

Facilities in the following areas:
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan
  • CDL also assisted client in obtaining purchased power to the above facilities.
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Gas Plants

  • ViewfieldGas Plant (SK)
  • Jump Bush Gas Plant (AB)
  • Wildboy Gas Plant Expansion (NE BC)
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Compressor Stations

  • North Jenner Compressor Station (AB)
  • Dryden Creek Compressor Station (AB)
  • Pine Creek Compressor Dehydration Station (AB)
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Well Pads

Lloydminster Area
  • Well pad installations
  • Water disposal plants
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Other Facility Projects

  • Keystone Blending
  • Hardisty Terminal ScadaRedudancy
  • Jenner Water Injection & Cogeneration
  • Mitsue Oil Battery Softstart
  • Gas Utilization
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