Measurement Packages
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Corsair Design offers complete measurement packages including:
  • Packaged truck offloading/loading systems (including LPG and Bitumen).
  • Packaged train loading systems.
  • Customized custody transfer measurement packages, including:
    • 3 Phase Measurement Systems.
    • LACT Measurement Skids.
    • Pipeline Injection Skids.
    • Customized Proportional Samplers.
    • Sulphur Analyzer Skids.
    • Customized Gas Measurement.
    • Quality Control Buildings (Gas Chromatographs, H2S/Sulphur Analysis, Dewpoint Analysis (Water and Hydrocarbon)).
  • Custody Transfer rated metering arrangements and control systems for gas/liquids applications.
  • Integration of AER, OGC and Measurement Canada compliant systems.
  • Measurement system and volume correction calculation auditing services
To request a quote for a truck offloading/loading system, click HERE.
To learn more about these packages, contact Mike Woychyshyn at or (403)-259-9399.

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